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The Best 2 Weeks Egypt Itinerary For Solo Female Travelers

Sunny beaches by the turquoise sea covering colorful coral reefs and ancient world wonders that date back to ver 4,000 years – there’s no doubt that Egypt is one of the countries that everyone should have visited at least once in their lifetime. But while there’s usually nothing but praise coming from the couples and families that toured the country together, it’s a mixed bag for solo female travelers. Some women had the times of their lives while others’ experiences weren’t as rosy. This prompts many women to think:

“Is Egypt safe for solo female travelers?”

I decided to take the risk and embarked on a trip to Egypt all by myself for two weeks. Spoiler alert: it was amazing! But although everything went well for me, I couldn’t stop thinking about whether it was my personal choices that helped me avoid all the unpleasant situations that other women have gone through and I realized that there are certain ways of travel that will make a trip both safer and more enjoyable for solo female travelers.

And that’s when I decided to share this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary with you ladies. It’s almost the exact same itinerary I followed on my own trip where I had lots of fun and stayed 100% safe at all times. It’s specifically tailored for the needs of women traveling alone, so it’s pretty safe to say that this is the best 2 weeks Egypt itinerary for solo female travelers out there – I hope!

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Is Egypt Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

Girl in blue shalwar kameez and rose hijab looking at the mighty Qaitbay Citadel in Alezandria, Egypt.
One of my favorite places during my 2-week solo trip to Egypt.

First of all, let me try to get into this highly subjective question: Is Egypt safe for solo female travelers?

Based solely on my personal experience, I’d say YES! During my two weeks of independent and organized travel in the country, there isn’t one instance of harassment I can recall. I never felt unsafe walking around by myself, be it in empty streets or busy market areas, during the daytime or at night. Every single one of my interactions with local men was deeply respectful (well, despite a few pushy vendors here and there, but they all revealed their friendly personalities after a cup of tea). I made lots of good friends during my trip who wanted to make sure I was staying safe and I even got invited to stay with a local family for a few days. So overall, my solo female travel experience in Egypt was amazing and I felt a lot safer than in many other parts of the world.

However, in no way do I want to dismiss the negative experiences of other solo female travelers in Egypt. I’ve heard a lot of women talk about the tremendous amount of sexual harassment they faced by simply walking through the streets and I once even saw a woman getting harassed in front of my eyes for wearing slightly differently cut clothes compared to mine. Every woman might answer this question differently and everyone’s opinions are equally valid. And of course, I’m only talking about the experiences of short-term travelers here, among whom even personal characteristics such as age, skin color, and body type may influence their treatment by the outside world.

Tips For Solo Female Travel In Egypt

That being said, however, I do believe there are a few things that we as women can do for a safer and more enjoyable solo female travel experience in Egypt. Here are some of my personal tips to stay safe during this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary:

  • Dress modestly – This was a very easy one for me because my beautiful Pakistani wardrobe makes dressing modestly so fun! And no, you don’t need to wear an abaya, just long trousers and loose long shirts that cover your chest, back, and shoulders will do the job. Hijab is of course optional but I found that this additional layer of modesty can bring a lot of respect. You can find more inspiration for modest clothing in this Pakistan packing list.
  • Know your boundaries – I had a great time chatting for hours with shop owners over a cup of tea in Egypt and made plenty of friends this way but of course, not everyone’s intentions are this innocent. It’s great to be friendly but don’t be too friendly to men, especially since some men tend to interpret small gestures such as smiles as open invitations. Remain assertive and know your boundaries. Is he trying to touch you in any way or asking a little too much about your love life? Run, you don’t owe him anything.
  • Join tours – Probably the safest way to travel around Egypt is by joining tours for day excursions. Group travel may not be the preferred method for every traveler, but it’s a great option to get to places you might otherwise feel uncomfortable visiting by yourself. You’ll be with experienced guides at all times and might even have some new friends at the end of the day.
  • Choose your transportation wisely – Lastly, choosing the right transportation is crucial when traveling alone in Egypt as a woman. In resort areas like Sharm El-Sheikh, there’s barely any public transportation, so I recommend arranging a taxi with your hotel. Remember the car and have the same taxi pick you up later. For big cities like Cairo and Alexandria, I recommend choosing ride-share services like Uber and Careem over taxis on the street. Stay extra vigilant in crowded public transportation.

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Best Time To Visit Egypt

Foreign girl in traditional Egyptian dress and keffiyeh looking at the blue sea in the Colored Canyon near Dahab, Egypt.
Dahab was warm and sunny even in February when I visited.

The best time to visit Egypt highly depends on what you’re looking for. Egypt can be a nice getaway to catch some winter sun if you’re coming from cold climates but it’ll likely be too cold to enjoy water activities such as swimming and diving and climbing Mount Sinai may be impossible. Whereas, if you visit in summer, the temperatures may be perfect for water activities but too hot to enjoy other parts of the country. If you’re looking for a balance, spring or autumn may be the best time to visit Egypt and follow this epic 2 weeks Egypt itinerary.

The Best 2 Weeks Egypt Itinerary For Solo Female Travelers

Now it’s time to reveal my special 2 weeks Egypt itinerary for solo female travelers. I spent a lot of time thinking of the best places to visit in Egypt in two weeks and ways to make the experience smooth for solo female travelers. I decided to start and end the journey in Sharm El-Sheikh since it’s a beautiful area with excellent flight connections and most importantly, it’s very safe for women. Depending on what’s best for you, you may fly out of different airports, but I strongly recommend spending a good amount of time in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Keep in mind that this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary should only be a rough guideline for you and I strongly encourage you to be flexible and spend some more or less time at a place, skip places or add an extra stop if you feel like it.

So are you ready? Let’s check out this awesome 2 weeks Egypt itinerary for solo female travelers!

Day 1: Arrive in Sharm El-Sheikh

Foreign girl in traditional dress exploring a small bazaar in Nama Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
Overwhelmed by the beauty of the markets on my first day in Egypt.

On the first day of this epic 2 weeks Egypt itinerary, fly into Sharm El-Sheikh and head straight to your hotel by taxi or shuttle service. I personally had a great experience staying at Dive Inn Resort. It’s very budget-friendly and has everything one might need.

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Depending on what time you arrive, you may rest, enjoy the hotel’s amenities, or check out a nearby beach.

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Day 2: Explore Sharm El-Sheikh

Foreign girl in traditional dress looking at the Al-Sahaba Mosque in the Old Market area of Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.
Admiring one of the most beautiful mosques I’ve ever been to.

Time to explore Sharm on the second day of this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary! Head to the Old Market to indulge in delicious Egyptian cuisine at El Masrien restaurant, marvel at the stunning Al Sahaba Mosque, and shop for souvenirs in one of the many shops. If you’re interested in shopping malls, check out Genena Mall and Soho Square, and lastly, don’t forget to hang out in one of the many bustling bars and shops at Nama Bay at night.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget that haggling is a must in souvenir shops. It’s okay to get friendly with vendors but keep the above-mentioned tips in mind.

Don’t feel like roaming around Sharm alone? Book a city tour!

Day 3: Jeep Safari, Horse Riding, Bedouin Villages

Girl in Pakistani dress on a horse on top of a sand dune in the desert of Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, spreading out a colorful scarf in the sunset.
There’s no better way to enjoy the desert surrounding Sharm El-Sheikh than on a horse back.

Next, it’s time to explore the gorgeous desert surrounding Sharm. There are plenty of excursions that will let you participate in jeep safaris, horse riding, and explore the traditional way of life of the local Bedouin people. It’s best to leave for the Bedouin village in the morning, whereas horse riding and jeep safaris are best done in the afternoon and evening before sunset.

Pro tip: This is the perfect day in this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary to flaunt all your long dresses and scarves! Not only do they look absolutely gorgeous in the desert, but they’re also a great way to protect you from the elements and pay respect to the local Bedouins.

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Day 4: Scuba Diving Or Snorkeling In Ras Mohammed

Foreign girl scuba diving in the coral reefs of Ras Mohammed National Park near Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
My first ever scuba diving experience turned out way better than expected!

To be honest, I’m not a great fan of water activities, but when I came to Sharm, I realized that witnessing the colorful coral reefs of the Red Sea is a must! Ras Mohammed is a national park at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula and the most popular spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. Book a full-day tour that will take you to the best underwater spots by boat. I was scared shitless before my first ever dive, but the professional instructors made my experience as smooth as it could get.

Pro tip: Make sure your sunscreen is reef-friendly, meaning it doesn’t contain oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate, or 4-methyl benzylidene camphor, before you enter the water!

Book your excursions here!

Day 5: Day Trip To Dahab

Foreign girl in Egyptian dress and keffiyeh staring out into the rugged landscapes of the Colored Canyon near Dahab, Egypt.
Loving the views of the Colored Canyon.

Dahab was undoubtedly one of my favorite places in all of Egypt. Book a full-day excursion that will take you to the stunning Colored Canyon for trekking, as well as to the beautiful blue coast for snorkeling. It would be a sin to skip Dahab in this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary!

Pro tip: Make sure to dress appropriately for this trip! You should wear closed shoes with a good grip and durable leggings or jeans for the canyon, as well as bring a swimsuit for the water activities.

Book your day trip here!

Day 6-7: Climbing Mount Sinai

Sunrise view on top of Mount Sinai in Egypt. One can see tourists and vendors wrapped up in thick blankets and the mountain top mosque in the background, under which one can find the Moses Cave, the cave where Prophet Moses received the Ten Commandments.
Sunrise on top of Mount Sinai, a sacred place for Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike.

It’s easy to believe that Egypt is all about beaches and mosques, but did you know that the biblical Mount Sinai, where Moses is believed to have received the Ten Commandments, and St. Catherine’s Monastery, one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the world lie in Egypt as well? Whether you’re Christian or not, climbing Mount Sinai and paying a visit to St. Catherine’s Monastery are some of the best things to do in Sharm and shouldn’t be missed in this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary.

Most tours leave for St. Catherine late at night and start the trek at around midnight to enjoy the sunrise around five hours later. The trek is around 7 km long and the last part consists of 750 stairs. It’s considered a beginner-friendly trek but nonetheless, you must be accompanied by a local Bedouin guide at all times.

Pro tip: Warm clothes are a must because it gets very cold and windy on top. Make sure to stay hydrated and caffeinated during the night hike. Remember that you can always rent a camel if you get too exhausted.

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Day 8: Day Trip To Cairo

Foreign girl in traditional Balochi dress looking at the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt.
Pakistani dresses work well everywhere – even in Giza!

Many of you will probably think I’m crazy for recommending only a day in Cairo, however, I strongly believe that a guided day trip from Sharm El-Sheikh is the best option for solo female travelers to avoid uncomfortable experiences of roaming around alone. Cairo day trip tours from Sharm typically leave in the middle of the night and come back the following night. The tours will take you to the major sights that shouldn’t be missed in any 2 weeks Egypt itinerary, such as the Egyptian Museum, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Nile River.

Pro tip: The drive from Sharm El-Sheikh to Cairo takes about 6 hours each way, so make sure to wear comfortable clothing that is also appropriate for the weather in Cairo. Don’t buy from pushy street vendors or worse, in any overpriced shops you might visit with your tour, such as the Papyrus Factory.

Book your day trip here!

ALTERNATIVE: Spend 3-4 Days In Cairo

Of course, a day trip to Cairo can only offer you a tiny glimpse into what this huge city has to offer, so if you feel comfortable exploring Cairo on your own, consider spending 3-4 days in the city. You won’t run out of sights to visit and this stay will fit perfectly into a 2 weeks Egypt itinerary. After all, Cairo is home to some of the most iconic mosques in the world!

Pro tip: Too afraid to walk around Cairo alone? You can always book a guided city tour of Cairo!


Book your city tours here!

Day 9-13: Alexandria

Foreign girl in blue shalwar kameez and rose hijab in front of the Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria, Egypt.
No place represents Alexandria better than the iconic Qaitbay Citadel.

Alexandria may not be the first place most people think of when they hear about Egypt, but boy did I have an amazing time in this historic city that dates back all the way to Alexander the Great! Consider visiting for around three days and exploring Qaitbay Citadel, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Roman ruins, and most importantly, taste all of the delicious food in the city, such as fresh fish, Egyptian pizza, and the local specialty, grilled liver as part of this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary. On top of that, Alexandria felt very safe to me and I never got into an uncomfortable situation as a solo female traveler.

Pro tip: Take a business class Blue Bus from Sharm El-Sheikh to Alexandria for around 400 EGP (~ $25 USD). The drive is super comfortable but takes around nine hours each way, so make sure to plan enough time for the trip.


Not quite convinced to explore Alexandria by yourself? Book a city tour here!

ALTERNATIVE: Day Trip To Alexandria From Cairo

If you decide to spend more time in Cairo, there might only be time for a day trip to Alexandria from Cairo in this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary. Luckily, there are plenty of organized tours that will have you covered!

Book your day trip to Alexandria from Cairo here!

Return To Sharm El-Sheikh

Foreign girl in traditional clothes and keffiyeh enjoying the sunset at a cozy seaview terrace at Farsha Cafe in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.
What a cozy sunset at the beautiful Farsha cafe!

Sadly, after 14 exciting days, this is the end of this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary for solo female travelers. Make sure you plan in at least a day for your return to Sharm El-Sheikh from Alexandria or Cairo. Enjoy your last day of this epic 2 weeks Egypt itinerary by indulging in some delicious seafood at Fares restaurant and strolling by the sun-kissed beach. Relax to some Bedouin tea and stock up on some souvenirs and take some super instagrammable photos at Farsha cafe.

Pro tip: Although Sharm El-Sheikh airport may seem relatively small, you should nonetheless plan to arrive three hours before your flight. I arrived 2.5 hours before my flight but the lines at immigration and security for so long that I almost missed my flight!

If You Have More Time…

I know you were probably just looking for a 2 weeks Egypt itinerary for solo female travelers, but what if you ended up loving Egypt so much that you decided to stay longer? (or you really aren’t interested in one or two of the activities in this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary and are looking for something else to do?)

Below are some places across Egypt that I would have loved to include in my own 2 weeks Egypt itinerary but unfortunately had to skip because time was too short:

  • Luxor: As the site of Thebes, the ancient Egyptian capital at the height of the empire’s power, Luxor is home to one of the most breathtaking archeological sites in the world and a must-visit place for history buffs. Depending on your budget, you can get to Luxor from Sharm El-Sheikh by airplane, ferry, or an excruciatingly long bus journey.
  • Siwa Oasis: Siwa Oasis is a very beautiful but isolated oasis in the northwest of Egypt. Main attractions include the natural beauty, unique culture of the local inhabitants, and crystal clear salt lagoons where one can float like in the Dead Sea! There are buses to Siwa Oasis, but it’s best to go with a tour.
  • Hurghada: Hurghada is another pretty resort town by the Red Sea similar to Sharm El-Sheikh but with a slightly more modern vibe. It’s relatively close to ancient sites like Luxor and like Sharm, easily reachable by bus or airplane from many domestic and international destinations.
  • Jerusalem and Petra: Who would’ve thought of visiting three different countries in one day as part of a 2 weeks Egypt itinerary? Turns out that thanks to the geographic proximity, there are plenty of guided day trip tours from Sharm El-Sheikh to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra in Jordan, with a stop in the equally stunning (and religiously significant) city of Jerusalem in Israel/Palestine. Make sure your passport allows you to enter both Israel and Jordan easily and keep in mind that due to covid-related entry restrictions, all tours are currently suspended.

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I hope this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary for solo female travelers helped you get an idea of what a perfect two weeks in Egypt as a woman traveling alone could look like. As always, you should be flexible and adjust your plans according to your own interest, but I sincerely believe that this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary is one of the safest and most comfortable ways to explore the country alone as a woman. In combination with the Egypt solo female safety tips listed in this post, your solo trip to Egypt should go very smooth!

Have you ever traveled to Egypt alone as a woman? What’s your opinion about this 2 weeks Egypt itinerary for solo female travelers? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Seriously? You went to Egypt for 2 weeks and didn’t go to aswan or luxor or valley of the kings or edfu or kom ombo? The beach and dessert around Sharm can be replicated in ANY of the middle eastern countries . The temples are most certainly positively unique to Egypt. You kind of missed almost everything!

    1. Definitely I wish I had an extra week to travel south but my flights didn’t allow. But that’s a good reason to come back!

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