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Hello World, Welcome To My Travel Blog!

Glad to see you here!

We’ve got all the places in the world to talk about, but first, let me introduce myself real quick!

My name is Arabela and I’m a 21-year-old travel blogger, aspiring author, and burnt-out college student. I’m German-Peruvian by blood, global citizen by heart, and confused in my brain. Any attempt to answer where my ‘home’ is will be futile, so let’s just move on!

Although I spend most of my time hunching over textbooks in a claustrophobia-inducing college dorm, every minute of my spare time is dedicated to solo traveling and sharing my experiences with the world. So far, I have visited over 60 beautiful countries and territories across five continents and been based in Germany, USA, Pakistan, China, and Turkey. It’s usually the less popular destinations that capture my heart, so you may find posts about places on this blog you may have never heard of before. What matters the most to me are authentic and educational travel experiences, even if that means compromising my comfort a bit. My travel philosophy places people over places (and cats on the very top), because I believe it’s the diversity of cultures that makes this planet such a colorful place.

I created this blog to share my passion, stories, and insights after years of independent and solo female travel, because there truly is a lot to talk about,

How I Started Traveling

Foreign girl in embroidered chadar at Korangi Port, Karachi, Pakistan.
Happy times in Karachi, Pakistan.

So, how did I catch this nasty travel bug and how do I manage to travel so much despite being a full-time student?

It all began the moment I was born. Thanks to my multicultural family background, traveling has always been an important aspect in my life. I embarked on my very first transatlantic flight at the tender age of one month and have been calling airports my home since then.

I spent the first fifteen years of my life in Germany, where living alongside peers from every corner of the world first stimulated my appetite for different cultures. In summer 2016, I made the big move to California, where I was further exposed to new cultures and ideas. And just a year later, I embarked on my first full solo trip to South Korea at the age of sixteen.

After that, nothing could stop me anymore. Knowing that I can manage to visit my dream destinations all by myself, I tried to take advantage of every school break and even decided to pursue my undergraduate studies in Kunshan, China.

Soon after, however, 2020 happened and cut my time in China short. Life eventually took me to Pakistan, where I spent the following two years. This was a very special time in my life because it gave me the chance to thoroughly explore one of the world’s most fascinating countries. I have since dedicated a huge portion of my blog to female travel in Pakistan, which can be a divisive topic at times. I also spent a few months in Istanbul, the world capital of cats, as well as the lovely campus of our parent institution, the one and only Duke University in North Carolina.

Why Solo Travel

Foreign girl at a souvenir bazaar in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan.
Roaming alone through the bazaars of Erbil, Kurdistan.

“Why do you always travel alone? Don’t you have any friends?”

“Isn’t solo travel dangerous?”

“How come you never feel lonely?”

These are all things I get to hear A LOT. There’s still so much confusion around the topic of solo female travel that I feel like I should share my story with you:

At the time of my first solo trip, I had no idea that solo female travel was a “thing”. I didn’t know there were entire Facebook groups dedicated to this genre, and neither did I have a clue about the cultural and social barriers that hinder many women around the world from traveling alone. I’m extremely privileged to have grown up in an individualistic culture with parents who 100% support me in my decisions.

So, how did my first solo trip happen? I was sixteen years old and had some money saved up. Thanksgiving break was approaching, and I was in desperate need for a getaway. It had always been my dream to visit Korea, but with working parents and a limited circle of friends, there was nobody to go with. However, my desire was unbreakable. That’s how I ended up booking a roundtrip to Seoul and having an epic first solo travel experience.

Needless to say, I fell in love with the concept of solo travel for various reasons:

  1. Independence: You don’t need to depend on others. You can go wherever you want, do whatever whenever you want, and you’ll always have a peace of mind.
  2. Mental challenge: Solo travel requires you to come up with solutions in the trickiest situations all by yourself. It’s the ultimate problem solving exercise and teaches you lots of useful skills.
  3. Immersion: I find it much easier to make new friends and immerse myself in other cultures if I’m by myself. There’s nobody else to talk to and distract me, it’s just me and the locals.
  4. Adventure: Solo travel may be a bit riskier than other forms of travel, but the adrenaline kick it gives you is truly addictive.
  5. Rebellion: Lastly, I like to rebel against traditional gender roles. I want to show the world that it is possible for a young girl to navigate through male-dominated spaces and overcome all sorts of obstacles to follow her dreams.

Because of these reasons, I generally prefer to travel solo even if I now have plenty of friends to go with. It’s a different style of travel that happens to be my favorite.

About My Travel Blog

Girl with ajrak in front of the Golden Horn in Eminonu, Istanbul. In the back is Beyoglu area and Galata Tower.
Enjoying my freedom in Istanbul, Turkey.

The genres of my travel blog are adventure and solo female travel. This means that most of my content will tend to be geared towards middle- to low-budget travelers, feature off-the-beaten-path destinations, and be ideal for those who value adventurous and authentic experiences over comfort. For me, travel is all about learning about people and cultures, so most of my guides will focus on cultural heritage sites and educational experiences. And of course, as a passionate solo female traveler, I feel like it’s my duty to help fellow women explore the world by themselves.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that this travel blog is only for women like me. Whether you’re a man, a family person, or someone with completely different interests, you’re more than welcome to browse through my destination guides, travel tips, stories, or inspirational posts and share them with your friends. I hope that this travel blog will be insightful for all readers and help you plan awesome trips!

What’s So Spicy Here?

Foreign girl in Balochi dress holding a bitter apple in her hands in the desert of Balochistan, Pakistan.
Experimenting around with unknown fruits in the desert of Balochistan, Pakistan.

One question that I get asked a lot regarding this travel blog is: “How did you come up with this name?”

Just to make it clear, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Spice Girls, but rather with my love for spicy food. Whether it’s a snack in the streets of Bangkok or a delicious homecooked meal (one of my other passions), chili is a must.

Having grown up in Germany, a country that is not known for spicy food, many people wonder how I developed such a peculiar taste. Once again, the answer is travel (or maybe it just runs in my blood, but traveling certainly helped me discover different tastes and make up my mind).

So in essence, the name of this travel blog is an allude to all the spicy food around the world that has brightened up my travels.

My Adventures So Far:

So, where have I ventured exactly?

In the following map, all the countries and territories I’ve been to are colored in pink. Feel free to scroll through my Destinations section or shoot me a message if you have any questions about a specific place I’ve visited.

been1 Adventure & solo female travel blog

How About You?

Don’t hesitate to connect with me on social media or in the comments on this travel blog. I’m always looking forward to hear your story, learn about your plans, and find out what motivates you the most to explore this beautiful planet!

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I’m also open for paid promotions, sponsored tours, and collaborations. In the past, I have worked with travel agencies and independent tour guides in various countries, run successful promotions on social media, and collaborated with numerous bloggers and content creators.

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