Got that burning, tingling feeling on your tongue?

No, it’s not ghost pepper. It’s my travel blog!

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Hi, so excited to see you here!

Let me introduce myself real quick!

My name is Arabela, I’m 19 years old and a full-time student currently living in Kunshan, China. I’m German-Peruvian by blood but global citizen by heart. Before moving to China, I lived in Germany for fifteen years and California for three years.

Traveling is my absolute passion. I took my first flight at less than a month old but shortly after that, my busy life began. I’ve always worked hard to get good grades and make it into my dream university but deep inside, I longed for more. I wanted to see more of the world, experience more, and meet more people. Therefore, I began to look for every opportunity that allowed me to travel and it paid off: At the end of age 18, I had visited over 50 different countries on four continents.

What gave me much of my freedom was solo traveling. I embarked on my first full solo trip at age 16 when I traveled to South Korea for the first time. Since then, I visited most destinations on my own and the experiences couldn’t have been any more enriching!

Solo travel can be scary, especially for young women (or at least that’s what we’re constantly being told). However, it is also the most rewarding type of travel when it comes to genuine experiences and interactions with locals. For me, this is the most important part of my trips. Therefore, I tend to, in addition to all the famous landmarks of the world, increasingly seek out lesser-known destinations that are also nothing short of amazing things to see.

And although time and finances (in addition to other factors) often limit the amount of traveling we can all do, I continue to make the most out of the opportunities I got. Hence, I love to utilize every layover or long weekend to explore another beautiful spot on this planet. I believe that every trip, no matter how short, is a unique experience and will teach you plenty of valuable lessons for the rest of your life.

I really hope that this blog will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, make the most of all the chances you’ve got, and travel more than you ever would have imagined you could. Life is too short not to pursue your dreams and this is true for everyone, even for the most career-driven and busy young women.

My Adventures So Far:

In the following map, all the countries and territories I’ve been to are colored in pink. Feel free to scroll through my Destinations section or shoot me a message if you have any questions about a specific place I’ve visited.

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How About You?

Don’t hesitate to connect with me on social media or any other preferred communication method. I’m totally looking forward to hear your story, learn about your plans, and find out what motivates you the most to explore this beautiful planet!

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