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What To Pack For Pakistan: A Complete Packing List

After seeing lots of beautiful photos of Pakistan, you have finally booked your trip to the world’s most hospitable country – yay!

But, shortly after booking you realized it’s time for the actual trip preparation, which includes applying for your visa, creating an itinerary, and, well, packing – not so yay anymore. You might have already bought an excellent suitcase and durable backpack, but now you’re just sitting in front of your luggage and thinking: “What the heck should I actually pack for Pakistan?”

I totally get you. Packing can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts about travel, especially if it’s your first time traveling to your chosen destination. In addition, a country as culturally and geographically diverse as Pakistan can make the packing game even more difficult for international travelers.

So how do you actually know what to pack for your once-in-a-lifetime trip (or frequent adventure) to Pakistan?

Don’t worry, I got you right here! Having traveled across Pakistan during pretty much all seasons, I’ve developed a thorough understanding of what travelers to the country really need and what they should rather leave at home. That’s why I decided to compile this complete Pakistan packing list that explains in detail what to pack for Pakistan. The products listed here include some of my favorite brands as well as lots of great recommendations from other expert travel bloggers so trust me, this will be the most complete Pakistan packing list you’ll ever find on the entire internet!

Traveling to Pakistan anytime soon? Here’s everything you need to know about traveling to Pakistan in 2022!

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The Absolute Essentials To Pack For Any Trip To Pakistan

Pakistan is an incredible country full of beauty and adventure. Trucks and clothes aren't the only colorful things you'll see here!
Pakistan is an incredible country full of beauty and adventure. Now it’s your part to prepare accordingly and pack everything you need.

Oftentimes, we pack so many things for a trip that never end up using. Well, not these ones. Here’s a list of the absolutely essential items you should bring for any trip to Pakistan, no matter where and when:


  • Adapter

Most power outlets in Pakistan are A, C or D type, with a voltage of 250 V. While so far most of my plugs have worked well, a universal travel adapter is always a good idea to pack for Pakistan.

  • Extension cord

How many times have I stayed at hotels and guesthouses in Pakistan just to realize that there’s only one power outlet in the room and it’s barely accessible because it’s so high on the wall. That’s why I strongly recommend bringing an extension cord to Pakistan. Just make sure it can handle the voltage.

  • Pocket WiFi

Many parts of Pakistan have a very poor internect connection but when there is some signal, why not more efficient? A pocket WiFi is able to catch 3G or 4G signal using just one SIM card and create a reliable hotspot for multiple people, making it the perfect option if you want to save on mobile data plans.

  • Powerbank

A powerbank can be a real lifesaver for any trip, making it an essential item to pack for Pakistan as well. The higher the amp, the better!

Personal Hygiene

*Note: These items are all easily available in shops in Pakistan but you might want to consider bringing them from home so you can use them immediately upon arrival. They are some of the things you definitely shouldn’t leave without.*

  • Hand sanitizer

Pakistani washrooms can get very interesting, to put it politely, and food is generally eaten with your hands. Hand sanitizers will definitely delay your first food poisoning by a bit.

  • Wet wipes

Your hands will be super oily after eating, you’ll thank me for this one.

  • Tissues/toilet paper

You’ll find out soon after your arrival that water is the go-to solution to clean your butt in Pakistan. While this method is much more hygienic than using paper alone, most western travelers will feel quite uncomfortable walking around in wet pants all day.

Personal Health

  • N95 masks

Pandemic aside, these guys are a must to pack for any trip to Pakistan. From the polluted city air to the horrible dust roads in the north, N95 masks are the only thing that can protect your respiratory tract in Pakistan.

  • Pepto Bismol

There is a 95% chance that your stomach will go crazy at least once during your stay in Pakistan. You might not get hospitalized three times a month like me but some minor trouble is almost guaranteed. I recommend Pepto Bismol tablets for small stomach problems. They’re pink, compact, and easy to bring on planes.

  • Lactaid

If you’re lactose-intolerant, you’re doomed in Pakistan without this little aid because chai will literally power your journey.

Photography Equipment

  • Phone

I know the photographers among you will roll their eyes out at me for this, but a phone camera can seriously do wonders sometimes, especially if you don’t want to constantly carry a DSLR with you. Huawei P50 Pro has by far my favorite phone camera thanks to its incredible AI and zoom and it’s the device I’ve taken some of my most beautiful travel photos with.

However, if you’re using another phone it’s still possible to achieve incredible wide angle shots similar to those of the Huawei camera with a travel phone lense kit.

Recommended by Dan from Urban Abroad and me

  • DSLR/Mirrorless Camera

As much as I love taking photos with my dear Huawei P30 Pro, I’ll have to admit that for the best results you’ll need an actual camera. While DSLRs like the Nikon D7000 are best to click amazing photos, mirrorless cameras like the Sony Alpha A 6000 are the better choice for vlogging and their compactness and light weight also makes them perfect for traveling.

Recommended by Devesh from Footloose Dev and me

  • Camera bag

It’s imperative to protect your photography equipment well when traveling across Pakistan with a good camera bag. One great option is the expandable Peak Design Everyday Backpack, which lets you store all your equipment in one waterproof bag.

Recommended by Hillary from Hillary Newman Photography

  • Travel tripod

Whether you want to take long-exposure shots of Pakistan’s breathtaking waterfalls or incredible star skies, a good travel tripod is a must to pack for Pakistan. A professional option for DSLRs is the Peak Design Travel Tripod thanks to its incredible compactness, stability, and light weight. For smartphones, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 stabilizer/tripod and the Joby GripTight tripod are great choice.

Pubali and Indranil from Paradise Catchers, Harshi & Aman from Trot.World, and Roshni from The Wanderlust Within

  • Camera Remote Control

Want a photo of yourself or your group but don’t have anyone who can click it? Looks like you’ll need a camera remote control!

Recommended by Jess from Unearth The Voyage

Other Essentials

  • Water Filter Bottle

Tap water across Pakistan is DEFINITELY not safe. Now, you could just keep buying bottled water like everyone else but why not invest in a water filter bottle that removes harmful microorganisms without producing any plastic waste? Try the Katadyn BeFree or the GRAYL Ultralight filter bottles that easily lets you carry plenty of drinkable water with you at all times.

Recommended by Samantha from My Flying Leap and Ella from Many More Maps

  • Modest clothing

Read more on that in the ‘What to Wear in Pakistan’ section below.

What To Pack For Pakistan’s Northern Areas

An excited Arabela on the trek to Fairy Meadows in Pakistan. Due to its rough climate, warm and functional clothes are essential to pack for Pakistan's northern areas.
Trekking in northern Pakistan is an extremely rewarding experience but it also requires plenty of preparation.

=With some of the world’s tallest mountains and most breathtaking landscapes, Pakistan’s northern areas are a paradise for trekkers and adventure lovers. However, traveling to and especially trekking in Pakistan’s northern areas will also expose you to extreme cold, dryness, and lack of oxygen. Here’s what to pack for Pakistan’s northern areas for a smooth and comfortable trip:


  • Functional Base Layers

Trekking in Pakistan’s mountains will expose you to the cold and make you sweat at the same time. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a highly functional pullover that will keep you as comfortable as possible. I strongly recommend the Icebreaker Merino Long Sleeve T-shirt because it’s lightweight, breathable, odor-eliminating, and keeps you warm. Another great base layer to pack for Pakistan is the Under Armor Base 4.0 Crew-neck T-shirt that also keeps you very warm and dries up quickly.

Recommended by Kristel from Chef Travel Guide and Melissa from Parenthood and Passports

  • Functional stretch pants

I’d usually say traditional pants are the best option to pack for Pakistan but not when it comes to trekking. I’ve already torn quite a few of my pants while trekking in Fairy Meadows and I don’t want the same thing to happen to you as well. Therefore, I strongly recommend a durable pair of pants that are comfortable and protect you from water and sun rays throughout your trek, such as the prAna Stretch Pants.

Recommended by Samantha from My Flying Leap

  • Trekking shoes

You’ll certainly need shoes with an excellent grip for trekking in Pakistan’s northern areas unless you want to fall off the mountain. I recommend Teva Sugarpine Air Mesh because they are waterproof, breathable, and give you a good grip. If you’re traveling with children, the Mountain Warehouse Drift Junior Kids Boots are an excellent option. And if you plan to visit places like Naran in summer and prefer a lighter option, you can opt for these hiking sandals instead.

More casual options that work for less difficult treks include a good pair of running shoes and leather winter boots.

Recommended by Samantha, Annabel, Maria, Kristin, and Anna

  • Warm socks

No matter what shoes you’re wearing, your feet will easily get cold in the mountains. Therefore, warm and functional socks like the moisture-controlling Dickies Crew Socks are a must to pack for Pakistan’s northern areas.

Recommended by Bruna Venturinelli from Maps ‘N Bags

  • Insulated jacket

O.M.G. who would have thought you’d need a warm jacket to pack for Pakistan’s northern areas? (insert sarcasm here) For all those cold mountain nights when the bonfire fails you, you should opt for a high-quality compact insulated jacket like the North Face ThermoBall Eco to keep you safe both from the cold and water. Plus, the North Face ThermoBall Eco is made out of recycled materials! Can it get any better than that even?

Recommended by Bruna from I Heart Brazil

  • Scarves, gloves, etc.

Everything else that keeps you warm should be on your list for what to pack for Pakistan’s northern areas.


  • Backpack

Without a doubt, you’ll need a good backpack to store all your drinks, snacks and equipment while trekking. The Cabin Zero backpack is a great choice to pack for Pakistan’s mountain treks because it’s both spacious and lightweight.

Recommended by Tracey from Trips100

Health And Wellness

  • Altitude sickness drops

Altitude sickness is no joke when you’re climbing around some of the world’s tallest mountains. In fact, I blacked out five times during my attempt to reach the Nanga Parbat basecamp and I thought I was going to die somewhere in the wilderness. Therefore, one of the best things you can pack for Pakistan’s northern areas are altitude sickness drops.

  • Chocolate

If you can’t get any altitude sickness drops in time before your trip to northern Pakistan, chocolate is your second-best option. Luckily, this is something you can cheaply stock up on at every small local shop. Heck, even dried apricots will do!

  • Facial mist

My number one secret to maintaning radiant skin in the mountains (or any other extrememly dry place) is facial mist! I’ve personally been carrying the Garnier SkinActive Facial Mist with me on all my treks and have had an excellent experience with it.

  • Moisturizing cream

You don’t need the highest-quality product to pack for Pakistan’s mountains, just carry a little bit of simple moisturizing cream with you at all times. A small travel-sized container of Nivea cream will totally do its job.

  • Lip balm

You’ll thank me so much for this! My favorite lip balm that I always make sure to pack for Pakistan’s northern areas is Burt’s Bees’.

  • Sunscreen

UV radiation will probably be the least of your worries in the cold mountains but it shouldn’t be! It’s extremely important to apply broad spectrum sunscreen before and during your trek to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays. The one product that I always pack for Pakistan’s mountain treks and works very well for me is the travel size SPF 70 sunscreen lotion from Neutrogena. Not only does it offer high protection but it also feels super light on my skin and fits into even the smallest pockets!


  • Headlamp

Getting stuck in the dark in Pakistan’s north is no fun! In case that happens to you, it’s crucial to have a torch with you. And what’s much better than constantly holding a phone in your hands is a waterproof headlamp.

Recommended by Jessica from Uprooted Traveler

  • Phone case and screen protector

A phone case and screen protector are an absolute must to pack for Pakistan’s mountains. I mean, I almost broke my bones on those treks, image how broken my phone would have been without these protectors! Go to your local phone shop to find the best case and screen protector for your phone model,

  • Go Pro

You’ll have so many adventures in Pakistan that it isn’t always possible to constantly hold your phone or camera. Therefore, whether you’re a professional vlogger or just want to record your adventures for fun, I suggest investing in a Go Pro that lets you record your entire trip without bothering you.

Recommended by Chris Fry from Aquarius Traveller

  • Travel drone

While there are many drone-free zones in cities like Islamabad, you should consider a travel drone to pack for Pakistan’s incredible nature spots. DJI SPARK is an excellent option for this thanks to its lightweight and compactness.

Recommended by Devesh from Footloose Dev

What To Wear In Pakistan

Foreign girl (Arabela) wearing traditional Pakistani clothes at Shangri-La resort in Skardu, Pakistan.
Local dresses are your best option in Pakistan.

One of the questions I get asked most frequently about travel in Pakistan is what to wear in Pakistan. It’s a well-known fact that Pakistan is a conservative country, which leaves many especially female travelers wondering what clothes they should pack. Relax, you won’t have to don a niqab or burqa. Here’s what you should actually wear in Pakistan:

What to wear in Pakistan as a woman

This western-style outfit is a good example of what to wear in Pakistan as a woman, especially in more liberal areas.
In big cities like Lahore and Karachi, it’s OK to dress like this – but it’s much better to invest in some local desi clothes.
  • Modest clothing

This can be anything that covers your legs, shoulders, and chest. Western fashion that follows these criteria is totally acceptable in the big cities but it’ll definitely be worth investing in some gorgeous local clothing afterward.

  • Scarves

For women, it’s absolutely essential to bring a bunch of scarves with you to Pakistan. Although you’re not required to cover your hair on the street, it’s a must for visiting religious places. And even in everyday life, I always prefer to cover my hair to avoid unwanted attention.

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What to wear in Pakistan as a man

This western-style outfit is a good example of what to wear in Pakistan as a man.
An example of how many Pakistani men dress + a cute kitten
  • Modest clothing

The rule of thumbs when it comes to what to wear in Pakistan as a man is full or half-sleeve shirts and a pair of long pants. Both Western and traditional clothes are acceptable. You’ll sometimes see men in shorts and tank tops in Pakistan but this is generally looked down upon.

What to wear in Pakistan throughout the year

  • Summer

From May all the way through September it can get very hot in Pakistan. For most parts of the country, you’ll only need to bring very thin (but of course modest) clothes. It’s advised to stock up on Pakistani summer clothes as soon as you arrive. Opt for thin-fabric scarves when wearing hijab. Bring a thin jacket if you plan to visit the northern areas in summer.

  • Winter

From December to February it can get pretty cold in all of Pakistan (don’t even think about visiting the northern areas brrrrr), especially given that even in the cities most houses lack proper heat insulation. Therefore, you should bring thicker pullovers, scarves, a coat, and anything else that keeps you warm.

  • In between

October to November and March to April are the most comfortable months to visit Pakistan but also the most difficult ones to pack for. You’ll likely need thin summer clothes during the daytime and a jacket at night. However, the weather can change very unexpectedly during these months so it’s a good idea to bring both summer and winter clothes.

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Gift Ideas For Your Pakistani Host Family (Or Any New Friends You Make On The Way)

clear drinking glass with brown liquid on black table
Pralines are excellent gifts for Pakistani host families as long as they’re alcohol free.
  • Alcohol-free chocolate

Chocolate is always everyone’s favorite, in Pakistan and beyond. Just make sure that it’s alcohol free.

  • Premium tea

It’s no secret that chai (black tea with milk and spices) is Pakistan’s national drink. While most families use simple black tea in everyday life, I always make sure to buy high-quality tea whenever I visit famous tea regions to pack for Pakistani hosts and friends.

  • Beautiful scarves

Most Pakistani women wear a scarf in one form or another when going outside, making it the perfect gift to pack for Pakistani ladies. Therefore, if you find a beautiful scarf in some part of the world, don’t shy away to bring it to Pakistan!

  • Small gifts from your country

Out of all the gifts that you can pack for Pakistani hosts or friends, unique arts or crafts from your culture always make the most special gifts. However, it’s best to avoid anything religious.

What NOT To Bring To Pakistan

alcohol bar black background close up
A bottle of liquor may be considered a good present in many parts of the world but certainly not in Pakistan.

You might be thinking so much about what to pack for Pakistan that you barely think about which items you should better leave at home. Here’s what NOT to bring to Pakistan:

  • Pork

Pakistan may be a meat lover’s paradise but pork is a complete taboo. So leave that pork jerky as well as any candies containing pork gelatine at home when you pack for Pakistan.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is illegal for most people in Pakistan and while non-Muslims are exempt from this rule (and are even allowed to purchase booze in five-star hotels), it’s best not to bring anything alcoholic to Pakistan to avoid trouble (except for hand sanitizer of course!).

  • Marijuana or any other recreational drugs

Although you might stumble across hasheesh here and there in Pakistan, marijuana and most other recreational drugs are illegal and it’s crucial to stay clear of any such substances while you pack for Pakistan since even small traces on your clothing can be detected at the airport and land you in trouble. If you want a nice trip (pun intended), try local paan instead.

  • Immodest clothing

Please stick to the dress code mentioned above when you pack for Pakistan. Not only out of respect for the local customs but also because people might call the police on you if you go out in shorts and tank top.

  • Sexually explicit materials

It should go without saying that anything depicting sexually explicit graphics is something you should NOT pack for Pakistan.

Where To Visit In Pakistan

Still haven’t finalized your itinerary yet? Consider adding these awesome destinations to your Pakistan itinerary and click the links to read my first-hand experiences and tips:


Phew, that was a long list! I sincerily hope this packing list was helpful and gave you a better idea of what to pack for Pakistan. Of course, many of the items listed here are interchangable with your personal alternatives. The main ideas I want you to take away from this post are:

  • Traveling in Pakistan can expose you to some crazy adventures and you should prepare as well as possible for them – even if that means packing a few extra items here and there.
  • Pakistani society tends to be quite conservative – when in doubt, always go for the more modest dress and avoid anything that could potentially cause trouble.
  • Pakistan is extremely beautiful – be prepared to take lots of photos and videos.

As long as you keep these things in mind, you’ll be good!

Have you been to Pakistan yet? If so, what items would you recommend to pack for Pakistan travel?

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